Dear readers (whomever is left),

These past few months have been trying in the very least, and if you're reading this now then I am in awe. You also have my deepest appreciation.

The future of Geert Comiks is unknown at this point, at least in the form it has been in the past year. I have not been in much contact with Ed for several months, and with that said, I'm unsure if he will continue as the comic's writer. Although he has been great to work with, he already has several projects to work on right now which will probably prove to be more successful if he weren't bogged down with the comic. As he has mentioned elsewhere on the web I have been a great procrastinator and have repeatedly changed his scripts to suit my fancy. With all that said, I'm fairly certain he will move on to bigger and better things.

As for the comic's future, I'm not stopping it anytime soon. I've been itching to start doing them again, and I will. My plan as of now is to write some scripts, draw them etc and get the site running again in the New Year, probably around the 2 nd /3 rd . But…I'm always open to new ideas. I may look for a new writer, one who's humor is more gag styled (as opposed to storylines) and who's very laid back, like me. I honestly don't know.

Well that's all I really wanted to say. Hopefully I'll figure this out soon, so expect an update sometime this week.

Happy Holidays

-Ashley Hill





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